Save This Lady
Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

I got more love than anything else
But a Jezebel spirit gonna steal my health
Struck by the notion that there just might be
A method to the madness that I cannot see

Something for the freedom of a roughed-up soul
Forty-two years young is a little bit old
Boy named Sue sing a Tennessee tune
Got buffalo love living on the moon
Save this lady for me [x4]

Call me Alabama I'm a Seminole prize
Got Times Square hair and a bedroom eyes
Keystone Kops and the billy bob chops
Gonna scare my kids gonna share my crops

Vampire blood and a baseball glove
Are just a little bit of what the girl is made of
National crash into the big lampoon
With a creature coming up from the black lagoon


Losing ground true sounds of liberty
The forest of the north might hold the key

Rocking to the rhythm of a ragtime band
Black flag wave on on my truck my man
Basketball Jones and the great unknowns
Got cheap cologne seventy-six trombones

Looking for the lady that won't be afraid
When heady needs a hammer gonna get things made
I got more love than anything else
But a Jezebel spirit gonna steal my health

[chorus] [x2]

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Luana Vitória

Navegando com os piratas
Santa Mônica avista
Quatro índios pedindo misericórdia
Salve a rainha
Salve a rainha
Dos destruidores da selva
Lá alabama costumávamos dizer que os sonhos podem significar alguma coisa
Decifrando a magia
Salve a rainha
Não se preocupe ela é mais forte que nós mesmos
É apenas uma ilusão de fraqueza
Somos tão puro perto dela
O que você diz sobre tocar um trombone
Contando histórias de terror
A rainha está salva
A rainha está salva
A rainha está salva
E perdemos mais uma noite de sono

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so this is where all the true fans chill

Facu Maresca

You could say it's where true fans...
c h i l i :v

JP Correia

Sim, aqui mais um do Brasil ✌️

Rony Rojas

Fuck yes, Perú present.

Roxana Landaverde


Joseph Fertita

b-sides world until the new frusciante peppers album debuts!

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If you're here, you are EPIC

sophia murdock


Dani López

You too guys!


You too✌

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