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Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics

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This must've been from when they were jamming in a garage right after John returned to the band. Even though his hands and fingers were still weak at the time after coming off of years of heroin use, he still managed to play better than most "guitarists" today. This guy truly is a master, and the Chili Peppers will never be quite the same without him.

James Schultz *Est.1982

Thankfully, that's all in the past... new album with Frusciante and live performances in the near future!!! I knew he was coming back eventually, more and more as the years went by, and when I heard he and Flea were hanging out again in public, I knew shit was about to get lit! But i figured they'd say, Fuck it, Josh and John have been such close collaborators in the past, and John had Josh join them on stage for the Stadium Arcadium tour, they'd form a five-piece.

Professor Pigeon


Jon Barber

this sounds like a song youd hear on the background in an adult swim commercial.

Julia Kiedis

this is like heaven


I actually just cried when I listened to this. Wow.


oh sorry you anti mainstream guy, you're sooooo hipster.... sorry, but Bssm and Calfornication are the best and they wouldn't be that without rick

Vinícius Macedo

Distortion + Tremolo

Bob Ross

He's back!

Robbee Ward

Rick Rubin was actually the first producer for them to encounter that gave them total artistic control, which gave us Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

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