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His boat slides over the sea
Like sharp razor
Adrift, aimless
Just floating in deep water
Floating about with no control
Running over you
Even if you once told him your fears
And when he needed gave him a hand and shelter
And never distrusted a friend
He's so in need of attention
So! he keeps himself in evidence
So everyone can notice him
So he takes all tohse fake smiles and "hellos"
Like true gold medals
As an acknowledgement of his social status
He's still lost in his boat
Still being taken to the unknown
By the strong wind and the cold draft
Running away, escaping from himself

Patching the damage with rotten wood
But these damages will always remain in your memories
No matter how many times you change your route
Someday you'll wreck and find yourself
As a castaway in a desert island
Only then, you'll have to face who you really are

And then you'll be ready
And will be back to believe in yourself
I follow the way
Can't change just like you can do
But i'm trying my best to use my mind
My life

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Erik Martins

Tá meu top 100.

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