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Nights Over Georgia
Rejjie Snow Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Rejjie Snow:

1992 Corrina, Corrina Gal, where you been so long? Corrina, Corri…
23 I'm at home smoking weed all day Scratch marks on my…
Acid Trip I feel like we're on acid when we kiss All those…
Blakkst Skn You see that white girl in the black bra Black music…
Bye Polar I'm black like tape deck, play nice Franklin smooching bae t…
Charlie Brown I said I met your momma an hour ago And then I…
Cookie chips Uh-uh Hiking in the sun the happiness that you mourn You kn…
D.R.U.G.S. Dooo, dooo, dooo Dooo, dooo, dooo Dooo, dooo, dooo Dooo, doo…
Désolé Love Désolé Everytime I see that number in my phone I'm lik…
Disco Pantz There's no time for conversation (yeah) If I turn upside, yo…
Egyptian Luvr Love Love Just let go of sorrow Like there's no tomorrow 'C…
Flexin' This is how we do it, yeah You niggas don't want…
Hello Life is beautiful, dear Annie Pray my life is free Life is…
Intro Sunny days are cold and sticky, orange lemonade Baby boy, my…
Loveleen Money, bitches, hoes Greed, pussy, lords knows Money, bitc…
Milk & Honey Yeah Yeah Gun under my bedsheets Cracks all in my gold teet…
Mirrors Uh, hello? Uh, where, where he at? I think he awake…
MON AMOUR Love, lo-love Love Mon amour Approche-toi de moi Je suis to…
OH NO! I can be your baby if you want me too I…
Olga Oh god damn, we're just having a good time Just had…
Purple Tuesday Seven years old, I asked Christ and the genie Ten years…
Snow Nick knack, patty wack Give the women snow (snow, snow, sn…
Spaceships I'm a dreamer, paranoid sleeper She sold drugs and hugs, she…
The Rain feat. Cam O'Bi & Krondon Rain, rain, go away and Come again another day, these Blood-…
USSR Illuminati at the door And when it rains it fucking pours An…

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Lera Coff


Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Irakli Gorgiladze

As we're holding hands
Kiss your neck and dance
We're may beliefs
We laugh and cry, and dance the night
In may beliefs
The taste of your lips
And the way your wear your hair
And the solar eclipse
As we stand and we glare
Lalala, dadada, la (coughs)

[Verse 1:]
Scarf and a gold teeth, crooked the villain
As false mythical spirit to make her suck it
You see a lot of girls play to pretend
When the spilled ink leaks to the bottom of the pen
He with the microphone, should have been a gym coach
Swap bad grades for Chanel and designer coke
I used to kiss her, way before the blister
Fattest ass cheeks, and ran a train on her sister
Fickle like the nickle, shine beaming on her green stone
Laces with the hole, and a sticker made of fresh scones
My best friend, my very best coochie
Not a class clown, but appeared real groovy
And yeah, we had sex all over in the bathroom
Shades on, packing like a rascal out in Cancun
And can you blame him, growing up a lost soul?
So damn nervous, probably put it in the wrong hole
Damn, god damn, don't say it
Whatever 'bout this twitch, he was a villain when naked
The type of chick that put the ring on your finger
Disfiguring the fleshbone, scrape her with a whisper
I keep dreaming, oh shit, the blunt's lingering
Support your local drug dealer, four fidda split a can

Walking 'round town with the girl of my dreams, in my brain
Thoughts keep lingering, like I won't ever fuck again
Shadows of emotion, while I'm singing in the ocean
Just leave me alone, alone...

[Verse 2:]
He had a black face, innit
Her with the ass fat swoll out naked
Stationary shotgun, Snapchat her momma (Yo mom)
Telling 'em my girl's got the keys to my Honda
What a shame, and it's a borderline travesty
The chromosome lacking, with a spit from her cavity
Annoy the sanity, jewels from your majesty
Waking up sweaty, with the wet dream fantasy
I mean I hit it, confusion of the first degree
Swole to the lip bone, bleeding gums murphy
And I even sucked her toes on some other shit
But she got a tat of his ego on her left tit
You see a lot of girls play to pretend
When the spilled ink leaks to the bottom of the pen
But whatever, she tried to be clever
At least I still got the North Face sweater

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A lot of foreign artists represent American Hip Hop better than many Americans tend to do.

Ari P

Basketball too.


Young Wiz lol nahh. they each got their own sound. some artists just overlap


@Perspective how?

Skip James

We have the same profile guy!


He's a Dublin artist. Doesn't remind me American hip-hop at all. It's more like the other way around. American artists are trying to sound like European artists 🤷

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Charles Thegreat

He broke my mental ankles with that tone and mood change mid song. Wow

cowabunga dudes

Joakim42 Word


reason why i think this is one of the best songs in years!

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