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Ow! Stew the Red Shoe
Renaldo Lyrics

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Renaldo & the Loaf Boom boom, Crash crash Ratatatat He knew it by heart a…

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Is Guava a Donut? Excuse me Excuse me, could you tell me please Excuse me sir …

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Boom Boom Crash Crash
Boom Boom Crash Crash
Boom Boom Crash Crash
Boom Boom Crash Crash
Boom Boom Crash Crash
He knew it by heart and so did I
He said as we rode down the road
Without letting go of the boat he held
That hopped and croaked, like a toad
We didn't progress all that fast
For his back was glued to a wall
But he spoke of the life of one Joe Breem
Who met his death in the fall.....
One Joe Breem or Breen, the son of a lighthouse keeper, a strong, muscular lad of 15, who swam for miles in the night, a knife between his teeth, after a shark, out of sheer heroism
We stopped and I held the goat by the horn
He opened his mouth as to speak
But all that I heard was a kind of rattle
He must have been incredibly weak
His silence seemed most natural to me
As we stood and then admired the view
Of the first bats that flew out of the night
Though there returned but a few

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"Songs For Swinging Larvae" and "Arabic Yodelling" are two of the best albums of the '80's.

Incumbent Vinyl

True. Some material on Songs for Swinging Larvae was recorded in the 70's however. Both were released in the 80's though.

S.R. S.R.

This is absolutely wonderful


Ahhhh.............Pippi Longstocking rules...who else remembers her from the early 1970s? My childhood has been resurrected here!!!

Community Guidelines

The surreal visuals fit perfectly with this classic R&tL song. Nice work!!

Lex Berkhout

Great song and brilliant clip! Very funny. Gets me in a good mood when I'm down.


Отлично! Мне понравилось!

Solo Goodspeed

Love and blessings to you and your family for creating this.

House Music Catalog

Hey it's Mr. Brainiac. Have you heard Cabo Boing yet? (half of Yip-Yip)

Daniel Marcelo Damilano

adoraba este video y banda

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