Bearded Cats
Renaldo & the Loaf Lyrics

We're in a bar, playing guitar
Playing to the clientele
If that's what you are!

Every now and then
We'll play a bum chord
You can watch our beards grow
If you feel bored.

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Comments from YouTube:

Pat Dagnino

Love it!

Apple O

I have been a fan since my music pal brought over this bizarre “video voodoo” vhs tape by some group called the residents, which culminated in a “bonus” video “songs for swinging larvae”. The whole thing was nuts! I instantly fell in love with The Residents and Renaldo and the Loaf, a fan for life.

You might say it left an impression, and set some impossibly high standards of creativity that to this day I compare music against (most usually falls short!)

And I have been waiting for Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and Meat Loaf to collaborate again... it’s been over 30 years and today I come across this.

Shawn Franklin

Amazing! These cats are so amazing.

guy clegg


Big Guy’s 45’s

Hey Renaldo and the Loaf! A question: Do you know what ever happened to that young boy from the “Songs For Swinging Larvae” Music Video? He’s probably 40 by now. LOL

Esolog5 Phil

@Big Guy’s 45’s i am very sorry. to defend myself:. in 2018 renaldo plays in vienna/austria, where we discuss the old videos and a blogger from the german indie fanzie plastic bomb told this story. (sorry grammar, german)

Big Guy’s 45’s

@position normal Phil is lying. In the credits of the short, it shows the cast members and his ACTUAL real name is Nicholas Taylor. Don’t lie, dude.

position normal

Christ that is heartbreaking. I think of that movie quite often even as I get older with my own family now. He seemed genuinely scared and I felt sorry for him all those years ago. I used to think every now and then "i wonder how that little boy is now". Now I know and feel awful.

Apple O

That’s so sad - he was far too young to be leaving this world.

That video was so awesome, it is probably my fave music video of all time!

Esolog5 Phil

his name was allen dodson. he died 2012 in a car accident. in wichita, kansas.

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