The Bread Song
Renaldo & the Loaf Lyrics

The thought of fresh bread drives me crazy
Brown, crisp rolls, fresh and warm
I roam the streets for baker's shops
Compelled to enter each I pass

I once rode in a baker's van
Down the road when I was small
Could this have started my obsession
Or is there some more sinister cause?
I had a friend who was the same
Biting corners from his purchase
Murmuring some sweet endearment
To the yeasty object of his love

My passion's getting out of hand
I'm rapidly losing control
Each room is stacked up to the ceiling
With it's moulding, doughy crew

So if you chance to see me walking
Or stumbling with a heavy loud
Please relieve me of my burden
And check my pocket for hidden rolls

Contributed by Blake B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Matt Mc

i am really stoned and this is kinda good


I thought it was a violin, too, but it turns out that it's a koto played with a bow.

Elias Veine Wiig

Thought it was a Tanpura....that's what The Beatles used in Tomorrow Never Knows, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds etc.


lol. I like it.

Some Bizarre ta Some Bizzare Label

Love devotion


This song reminds me of that one weirdo on DeviantArt that has a fetish for blonde women buying a bunch of extremely expensive wonder bread

Sillypilly Gaming




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