The Elbow is Taboo
Renaldo & the Loaf Lyrics

He want to see it
He want to smell it
He want to touch, but
The woman's too naive

She think it risque
Too illicit
It's so explicit
It just the skin and the bone
(So she) talk to waldo
He tell her something
It shock her rigid
Now there's no arm controls!

(He say) it dead tradition
To hide the mountain
The edge of woman
That she never show ya

As if it really mattered
The elbow is taboo
"Is this true of all cultures?"
"Not any more"

So waldo touch her
He lick the corner
She smile of happy
She not so naive!

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Comments from YouTube:

Poogedy S

More people should know about this glorious thing.

Sven Ivar Fløttkjær

Weird and wonderfull, what more is to say?

Esolog5 Phil

listen to ghedalia tazartes, ostrich von nipple and igorrr

Jerry Korten

How can it be nobody is listening to this?

Klaus-Peter Woyke


Robert Syrett

why is are elbows made of marble though?

Cretin 666

Real elbows cant be shown. Too taboo

Central Ayr Productions

I am!

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