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Little soldier
Renee Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Little soldier' by these artists:

Azusa Tadokoro きみが信じた私を私が信じてあげなくちゃ 物語が今始まった 名前を宿して 偶然だとか運命とかどっちでもいいでしょ?…
Cécile Corbel Brave little soldier Fighting for the crown Go to fight, s…
Kristy Thirsk How I want to wipe those crying eyes And change your…
Mindy Gledhill Little soldier under the tree Play a Christmas song for me A…
Tadokoro Azusa きみが信じた私を私が信じてあげなくちゃ 物語が今始まった 名前を宿して 偶然だとか運命とかどっちでもいいでしょ? 今こ…
The Rodeo I've been wandering like no one my whole life Leaving all…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Renee:

Don Waking up diagonal like an animal in a cold and…
High Time He Went He gets up early And takes a shower Looks at his watch…
Is It Working When the evening falls And the daylight is fading, From w…
Lay me down Listen I was born on the other side Just always looking to…
SALES All the words I had to say, They don't mean nothing…
SAVE YOUR LOVE Save your love my darling, save your love For summer…

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Comments from YouTube:

Leonie Staartjes

I'm disagreeing with the fact that this song is not in the lists they play on the radio, I'm getting fed up with the songs they play every day over and over again. this shouldn't be underrated!

Madeline Brindley

This is sooo unique. The music is beautiful, and the concept of the videos wonderful.

ツEl Alma de un Colibri

Let's share this wonderfull piece of art

Ema Černá

beautiful voice.. She sings beautifully)

Quoth the raven

Aaaagh! So many suggested videos! What do I watch next???!!

Julián Ortega

Wow, so beautiful D:

Declan Goodman

Anyone know the lyrics for this amazing song ?

Chris Castiello

You're perfect.

Declan Goodman

Love this. Magic mix of music and voice


that was a lovely song and even more so the video~ :]

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