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A Metal Tribute to the History of Games
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There is a NEW Replay! Updated with new games up to 2019 and a few different song choices for each year! Check it out here:


@Raphial Fehr thanks! :)

Raphial Fehr

@tarrker that depends on what console/consoles you have avalable to play on, but if you have a switch and can wait till december 4th, i would recomend starting with the newley localized "Shadow dragon and the blade of light" some other good ones are blazing blade for gameboy (or an emulator), Awakening for the 3ds, or Shadow dragon on the DS (which was my starting fire emblem game), hope this helps!
(Also once your more fimillar with fire emblem, feel free to try the Fire Emblem Heroes app, its fun also but can spoil the story of other fire emblem games)


@Raphial Fehr hey! I'm gonna play some Fire Emblem but there's just a ton of them. Where's the best place to start?

Raphial Fehr

Excuse me, sir? Where is my fire emblem? A very integral part of video game history almost as old as mario bros should be here.


I love this list and listen to it often but I always thought some of the songs were odd choices. The 1997 entry in particular is a bit perplexing. I mean, Final Fantasy 7, Symphony of the Night, Age of Empires, Dungeon Keeper, Total Annihilation. All had kick ass sound tracks and all came out in 1997. But you chose Golden Eye which is just a movie theme song. LoL ok then? :P

At any rate. The new list is just as good and is a welcome addition.

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Smooth McGroove

Awesome job man!  The fact that you pulled this off in a week during college

The Ballistic Cannoneer

Howdy smooth 5 years later after this comment was posted!

Baltazar Razatlab

he's a virgin. that's easy

Phil Canning

I love your kitty

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