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Time has shifted, ages come and gone.
Passages progress, stanzas laid to rest.
Words that fill the space fade with turnings of the page.
An endings left unwritten.
This lead can fill the absence.
It will sweep free the black and white and bring us to new light.

Holding paper to flame casts our past into vain.
Amending these words binds us.
Scratching the surface blinds us.

Millions of lives, days plagued with strife and panicked, sleepless nights.
Another day, another disappointment.
Take heed these trailing voices written there for you to see.
So shift these thinning pages. Let your mind digest these narrow lines.

The pandemic grows with the coming and goings of the tide.
It stretches past our eyes, through our streets and cross our crystal seas.

Your chest will hollow deeper, consciousness fills the gaps.
Lift the veil of disillusion. Reality revealed.
This is the world in which we live: The Takers and the Leavers.
One that lives in grandeur. The other scraps to stand.

Your chest will hollow deeper.
Lift off this veil.
This is the world in which we live.
One that lives in grandeur. The other scraps to stand.

Pictures say a thousand words, but only make us sense to a degree.
Transplant yourself between these lines. The writings hold the key.
We must close the gap. We must close the gap.
Throughout the spectrum, from the top and to the bottom, we are one in the same.
Shift these thinning pages, sweep free the black and white, and you will see the light.

Contributed by Charlotte J. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Jake Stampfl

This is such a throwback me and my friend Matt used to jam this song all the time 💕 thank you very much for this.

Jake Stampfl

neworder2k thank you so much I play In a band called zion if you ever want to check it out we got a song called hall of illusions you should check out you’d dig it!


Jake Stampfl Crazy that is been like 7 years now. Thanks for still listening. I played guitar in the band


inspiration , this whole album is just great.


My favorite track


Fuck yeah great voccalls and melodic leads, I found you guys from that melodic hardcore band compilation that guy made of melodic hardcore 2011, I saw it cos my band "Divisions" was in the same compilation vid but yeah great work


so good

Erika De La Torre

i love you.

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