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Fighting to the End
Revo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Revo:

La ragazza col fucile Sta contorcendosi in buio infinito... Sta contorcendosi in l…
Theme of the Linked Horizon Theme Of The Linked Horizon - Revo 世界は広いのかい? それとも… 狭いのかい? 世界…

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TheGame 27

The icons you were asking about:
If the skull lights up it means the match is too brutal (too much blood)

If the clock lights up it means the match has gone on for too long

The balance thing is to show if the match is one sided or an equal contest.

The chemistry you got right.

Not sure about the fire..

Netic Gaming

Wrestler Attributes
When choosing which wrestlers to use, you may want to consider the following stats:
- Popularity is how "over" the character is (note that it is possible for a bad guy to be "over" without actually being well liked). As a champion, this affects how many people they might draw to a show. In the ring, it determines how entertaining their actions are. More popular wrestlers are also more likely to have miraculous comebacks, making it harder for them to be pinned.
- Strength determines how powerful their attacks are (and therefore how entertaining those attacks are). Such moves may also require this quality to be performed without error.
- Skill indicates how likely they are to counter a move or perform one of their own without error.
- Agility determines how fast they move and how far they can fly from a height. Such moves may also require this quality to be performed without error.
- Stamina determines how quickly their health recovers - both in the ring and outside of it. An unfit wrestler will not be able to perform at their best week after week.
- Toughness refers to their ability to absorb punishment - such as how many shots they can take before falling down, and how quickly they can retaliate with an attack of their own. It also suggests how likely they are to submit, bleed, or get injured.
- Attitude is how co-operative the individual is or how likely they are to cause trouble.
- Happiness is literally how satisfied the person is with their current situation. This is not irrelevant because unhappy employees can also become unco-operative and unlikely to stay with the company.


Please look Chris
Settings in the menu has a setting to get CPU.

Go to "hire people" in gm mode and go to your roster to fired people.

Click the RED arrow during the contract to get make them go away
And the BLUE 'I' to check their stats

One more thing

Find another mod because other ones actually have correct to date rosters because this mod just updated the graphics. Others updated the attires aswell

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Am I the only one left here who's still grieving for Chris Danger's death?

RIP my man. :(


Me too😅

Garrete Sealey

You are not alone

Kahana Lewis


He got revived into wrestling empire

shadow king

I just killed a 46 year old guy in wr3d lol

C Martin

How did he died?

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Cash Money

If I remember correctly, I think you can play as the ref/manager and let the cpus wrestler each other. This will also help your matches and show get higher ratings.


@The Supreme T buckets he means wats the name of the controller he uses


@CSKG - I go into player control and I don't see anything for player control?


Soumyadeep Banerjee you can also set it to two refs and beat up the other ref

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