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La ragazza
Revo Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'La ragazza' by these artists:

Erminio Sinni La ragazza cammina lesta sotto una pioggia d'aprile Ha qual…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Revo:

La ragazza col fucile Sta contorcendosi in buio infinito... Sta contorcendosi in l…
Theme of the Linked Horizon Theme Of The Linked Horizon - Revo 世界は広いのかい? それとも… 狭いのかい? 世界…

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Comments from YouTube:


Now that I can officially comment on this, I'll say it once again: Thank you so much for your hard work!
Oh, and now I see what you meant with the teaser ...


@Laurant Heya! Glad to have helped! Not quite active anymore because the newer concerts get striked so easily, so I just want to preserve everything that is already uploaded on my channel for everyone <3


I second the reply above. I wouldn't be here as a Laurant without people like AnotherLaurant and Kaido.


Ayy! Your still active? Thank you for all of your Sound Horizon uploads! Without you I wouldnt have found Moira or Roman!

nt n

wow this brings up so much memories... i was a huge fan of sound horizon and revo when i was im 26 and although im not a fan anymore, but occasionally some melody still lingers in my head.

thank you so much for uploading! great work!

Uncle Pig

Man I really wanted this kinds of video since I've first met these songs.... Thanks for your hard works!

cross visions

As always, thank you for your excellent work!

Subaru Sama

Thank you for this video that I didn't know was needed in my life. :)
Do you recommend the manga or anime version of the story for the first experience of the "Gunslinger Girl"?
And I like that teaser at the end!

Micb 123

@Kaido The Sheetposter I only wish season 3 was a thing

Kaido The Sheetposter

Hmmm, this is a hard question. The anime is more easy to get into, the manga is less structured, but alot more detailed. Both are good, but the second season of the anime uses a drastically different art style. It all comes down to which you'd rather consume, manga or anime imo.

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