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Love's Vagrant
Revo Lyrics

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La ragazza col fucile Sta contorcendosi in buio infinito... Sta contorcendosi in l…
Theme of the Linked Horizon Theme Of The Linked Horizon - Revo 世界は広いのかい? それとも… 狭いのかい? 世界…

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Sean O'Brien

@CerulianOfficial I think you tuning DeRosa out as you say you did is proof enough that he doesn't deserve second chances or anything like that. From his dialogue, I don't think he was even interested in a harem, he only wanted to use all the women in Florem to feel...I dunno. Powerful? Accomplished? He was one of those men who wasn't interested in love or things like that, he just wanted to control his victims with that weird pheromone that made women fall for him.

But as for your first paragraph, I can relate to that as well.

Truth is, I never learned how to connect with other humans; I didn't learn about socialization and boundaries, or about family, friendship, love, and so on--just the dark, ugly side of humanity. Also I was born into those circumstances, and they were my normal for the first 25 years of my life (I'm 32 now). I've survived sexual abuse, domestic violence, psychiatric malpractice, and a society (read: America) that did nothing to intervene and instead branded me a "problem" for acting out. After everything I've been through, it would've been real easy for me to turn out like...DeRosa, for example. I wanted to be stronger than people like that. But to be stronger than the "DeRosas" of the real world meant rising above the greed, apathy, contempt, hatred, and other things that drive people to do the things they did to me, you know? So I've developed my own moral code and value system, mostly using my own hellish past as a foundation (for how NOT to treat others, of course).

Ringabel was a character who had a "womanizer" trait--something I find pretty revolting in general, partly due to my own past experiences. At the same time, though, I think he always had good morals, but just needed to learn basic respect and decency, like not making lewd/off-putting/PUA comments to random women he came across, respecting their space, and so on--and he had to learn a lot of this the hard way. Mostly from Edea berating him for his indecency.

My own self-development is similar, though my circumstances are certainly different. Like...for one, I never learned to trust people or turn to others for any kind of support, so I've never had mentors, teachers, idols, or any such figures in my life; because of this, I had no one to teach me about human connections. It didn't help that the extremely small handful of people who genuinely tried to reach/teach me couldn't, because of how I was affected by psychiatric lab-rat malpractice. It also didn't help that, again, I was seen as a "problem" by most people, so I was just shunned by everyone. The vast majority of people didn't care to step in and help, not even when I was too young to seek help for myself. So, I learned that there was nobody to turn to except myself. Which meant learning all of these things the hard way, through countless mistakes and things that, sadly, have become "defining traits" in the eyes of many people nowadays.

But, in retrospect, taking the high road and falling on my ass over and over has been totally worth it, because I have become stronger than the DeRosas of the world. And, since every individual is a lifelong work in progress, I'll always have a reason to keep bettering myself.

All of this said, I think Ringabel is the truest representation of human self-development and improvement of the whole party--whether it's how one interacts with women as a man, or anything else, really. He's also a reminder that there comes a point when you need help from someone else to see your own flaws. I myself have reached the limit of what I can do alone, too.


“I’m gonna use Ringabel’s special attack”

Why? The boss is immune to every attack he can dish out? That’s a horrible move!

“…… me, it’s worth it.”

team wipe

“ I regret nothing”

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Ah yes, the main character of the game

RE_ CAN9000

@It's omegali give it time.

It's omegali

@RE_ CAN9000 this didnt age well

Boötes void

Yep! They pulled another Balthier on us!

Honey Slime

Why do I feel like there aren't that many people who actually read the party interactions? You know the ones that give a lot more personality to every main character in this game.


@RE_ CAN9000 I was just making a reference 😂😂😂😂...but true

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this track single handedly improved the reputation of accordions by several degrees

Aaron Thomas

It's up there with Delfino plaza


@Dugtrio Ramen yes true

Dugtrio Ramen

Hey accordions are always fire

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