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That Person's Name Is
Revo Lyrics

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La ragazza col fucile Sta contorcendosi in buio infinito... Sta contorcendosi in l…
Theme of the Linked Horizon Theme Of The Linked Horizon - Revo 世界は広いのかい? それとも… 狭いのかい? 世界…

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Tk_rocketman Plays

Monk Barras Lehr
White Mage Holly Whyte
Black Mage Ominas Crowe
Knight Heinkel
Thief Jackal
Merchant Profiteur
Spell Fencer Ciggma Khint
Time Mage Khamer VIII
Summoner Mephilia
Ranger Artemia
Red Mage Fiore DeRosa
Valkyrie Einheria
Pirate Captain Barbarossa
Performer Praline a la Mode
Salve-Maker Qada
Swordmaster Kamiizuma
Ninja Kikyo
Arcanist Victoria
Spiritmaster Victor
Templar Braev Lee
Vampire DeRosso

There’s their names

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Eleanor Drapeaux

Imagine being the kid named Bravely Default OST Asterisk Boss Battle Theme High Quality


Why is my sister named Rose?
Because your mother loves roses
Thanks, Dad
You're welcome, Bravely Default OST Asterisk Boss Battle Theme High Quality

DJinn Makkar

Imagin being responcible your whole life.


You're not funny

You're hilarious

Xufactor 3

It could've been worse. The kid could've been named Bravely Default OST Asterisk Boss Battle Theme Low Quality

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it's a great thing that this track is so outstanding
because when you play this game, you're gonna be hearing it.
a lot.


7 years ago I begged my mother to get me this game, just because Agnes looked a bit like myself, and that itself made me super excited. That year on that Christmas she got me this masterpiece of a game that has inspired me numerous times to draw and create my own characters. Thanks Bravely Default for inspiring mini me and now fully grown me

David Goss

@Billy 101 It's been a few years, but I remember there was a bunch of recurring jokes about a sleazy priest making her revealing ceremonial clothes and how "developed" she had become in certain areas. You know, kind of stuff you probably shouldn't say about the pope :D

2 PounDonkey


Billy 101

@David Goss What scenes are you referring to?, I always thought Agnes was very kind and nice.

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