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The Long History of Jack
Revolution (Revo) Lyrics

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Lonely Last night I spent another lonely Christmas Darling, darli…

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Mexico's ailments had been present long before the "Mexican revolution", however most of these maladies emerged not as a consequence of Porfirio Diaz's "dictatorship", but rather because of the imposition of radical liberal policies originally disseminated by Joel R. Poinsett, and thrusted later by the Mexican Liberal Party before Diaz's rule. These policies were completely strange and conflicted with the predominant Mexican catholic and conservative customs and traditions.

I disagree with the idea of: "the Revolution failed because it was appropriated by rich, educated men..." The so-called Mexican revolution, was certainly not initiated nor conducted by the lower Mexican classes. Madero for example, was born into one of the wealthiest Mexican families at the time. So was Venustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obregon, their families belonged to the Mexican social elite. As for Zapata and Villa - Zapata fought for its own interests. Zapata did not really have a national agrarian plan! Villa, despite his courage, he could have never leaded the "revolution". His power stopped when the U.S. government stopped providing him with weapons and ammunition for obvious reasons.

I agree on the terrible distribution of wealth in the country, and incredible land concessions during the Porfiriato. However... Nowadays things have gotten even worse.
It is mistakenly said that social disparity originated in the "Porfiriato" era. The truth is that before Porfirio Diaz, Mexico had been in a constant state of turmoil, and endless bloody civil wars that prevented it from exploiting its resources to enable commercial growth and social well-being. It was Porfirio Diaz's government the change factor that brought the so-yearned social and political stability to Mexico.

It is important to bear in mind that social disparity, as well as labour exploitation was not an exclusive ailment of Mexico at the time. Even developed industrial countries such as England and the U.S. were going through quite similar afflictions: low wages, long working hours, hazardous working conditions, children engaged in working activities, etc.
It is therefore an atrocious mistake to judge certain episodes of the past through the looking glass of current modern standards!

The Mexican revolution is widely taught in schools in Mexico in order to justify the installation of the PRI party in the power. I'm absolutely convinced that the PRI party has been undoubtedly the worst thing that could ever happened to Mexico. They are the perfect incarnation of corruption, degeneration and ignorance.

If this episode of the Mexican history is critically analysed, one will realise that the "revolution" was nothing but an extensive struggle for power that in return left thousands of deaths behind in vain, and threw the entire nation back into the obscure medieval ages. No revolution in Mexico yet...

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El Pelon Chicago

Somos raza, muy bueno tu documental! Viva Villa! #estoypresentemigeneral!


Great video! I myself am not Mexican by birth or any descent, but Mexican and Latino culture in general is very interesting to me. 

Lion Rose Music

@RaginCountryBoy Thank you for your kind comment :)

Ese El-Marron

Nice to hear that my friend :) I feel the same like you.

Mike Gulbranson


Damian Alvarado

I'm Mexican and I think that Mexico should remain the golden age but instead the president if Mexico is full of greed and corruption.

Abel González

do your part, Gringos have to go back to EUROPE

Jennifer Ondrey

I am a student from the US.  I'm taking a comparative politics course, and found this video so helpful.  Thank you!  This video opened my eyes not only to information, but also to some historical and cultural aspects that were never mentioned in any textbook I received in class!  Thank you so much!

alejandro arroyo

We need a 2nd revolution.

Mark Webber

Great video! I would love to learn more about the women of the revolution!

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