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In The AM
Rhythm HB Lyrics

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Make It Let me explain how I'm feeling Confront you now There ain't…

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Comments from YouTube:


This should be a series across the US


@Dolf Andringa omg imagine them racing in the snow 😭😭🀣

Ryno the Magnificent

That would be great if what you’d like to see is a homogenization of the sports, factory teams, 4-strokes, and purpose built bikes. If the AMA were to get ahold of this, they’d ruin it. This is far better in private hands, Redbull can do so much more with this event than a sanctioned promoter would.


I'd tune in

Not A Cat

@Dolf Andringa Came to say the same. Take this global!


The funny thing is people would pay to watch it

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Joe Notaro

Red bull can make this happen!! Please bring us a series

Red Bull Motorsports



Such a cool event! The two strokes make it so much better!
Annual is perfect too. Best part of it is that it's for fun. No need to ruin it by forcing a series.

Lewis MX

100% agree

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