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A Lover's Plea
Richard Berry Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'A Lover's Plea' by these artists:

Tonio K Baby Don't leave me here alone Don't break our happy home …
Tonio K. Baby Don't leave me here alone Don't break our happy home …

We have lyrics for these tracks by Richard Berry:

At Last At last, my love has come along my lonely days are…
Hey Henry You couldn't dance at all But now you're over ball The way…
Louie Louie Louie, Louie, oh, oh, me gotta go Louie, Louie, me gotta…
The Wallflower (Hey Baby, What do I have to do,) (To make you…
Visiteur La première fois d'sa vie qu'un homme a le bonheur D'entrer…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Tami Elizabeth Allaway

When women say "don't do this or that or you'll get no sex" she THINKS she is able to use that as an incentive.
The downside to her thinking, is that what she's actually saying without realising it is:
"I think you're bedroom skills are average...i can take it or leave it quite frankly, not fussed either way."
Because if she felt that sex with her husband was incredible, she wouldn't risk losing that intimacy as part of a bribe, in case he said, "fine!"
I mean, seriously... kayaking? WTF is wrong with her?
That's a perfectly healthy, sensible and fun activity for your man to go and do!
Fair enough if he was taking the piss and going every single day, but then that wouldn't be the kayaking that would be the problem per se, it would be him always off with friends and not prioritising his relationship, obligations, children etc. If that was the case it wouldn't matter if he was just standing in the garden shed all day every day, it would be his lack of commitment and participation that would be the issue.
My husband can go do whatever he likes or enjoy any activity that boys like to do, all I ask is that it doesn't clash with any family dates or preplanned arrangements we have together.
But I wouldn't threaten no sex if he did! Far better to kneel down and remind him of MY skills and then demand HIS skills in return...
Ladies, if you're threatening no sex, you're basically telling your man he's shit in bed! That you can willingly sacrifice sex with him to get your own way.
Far better to BOTH get your own way with each other, if you get my drift! 😜
And then get your girls round for a gossip and let him go kayaking for Christ's sake!
Get a grip! If a relationship needs manipulation to make it work, that's no relationship worth keeping!

All comments from YouTube:

Lord McSmith

There's something about listening to this letter being read by the horniest vampire in history that just feels so right.

Johnny and the Insatiable Void

Um, excuse you both, but this is the narrator of Worms: Revolution


@tackbracka exactly. No vampire here


What vampire? That is Jackie Daytona, a human bartender.


I thought for sure after "I'm too drunk" we were gonna get "I'm not drunk enough"

Range Queen

I’ve never said it but I have thought it 🤣

13 years a Prepper R.J Tilbury.

I have heard that before !

zog zog

Nice one. How tragic would that be!

Giorno Giovanna

Hey gappy;) us JoJos popping up everywhere these days

Judy Learn

Oh, though female, I identify with the husband. Sadly, the day comes, when no cat is made jealous, no hair is mussed, it is neither too hot nor too cold, but no one is there to ask. That lovely closeness---savor every bit of it. Never pass up a chance if you can help it. Chances end.

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