I Can Make You A Man
Richard O'Brien Lyrics

"He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval"
A weakling, weighing ninety-eight pounds
Will get sand in his face when kicked...to the ground
And soon in the gym, with a determined chin
The sweat from his pores, as he works for his cause
Will make him glisten...and gleam
And with massage...and just a little bit of steam
He'll be pink and quite clean
He'll be a strong man, oh honey...
But the wrong man
He'll eat nutritious high protein and swallow raw eggs
Try to build up his shoulders, his chest, arm, and legs
Such an effort...if he only knew of my plan
In just seven days, I can make you a man
He'll do press-ups and chin-ups
Do the snatch, clean and jerk
He thinks dynamic tension
Must be hard work...
Such strenuous living
I just don't understand...
When in just seven days, oh baby, I can make you a man!

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Alex B

Watching this movie is like losing your virginity


My mom showed me this when I was 3 and I was OBSESSED. 30 years later still love it.xD

Eric Santana

I agree to that this movie makes me lose my virginity over and over again and yet at the same time I wish I had a girlfriend who is a fan of this movie

FisherNinja JK

@the gaming apple 47 many many many many people have before you my friend very popular for that in fact

FisherNinja JK

This is the first movie I'm showing to my children when they are born

FisherNinja JK

@Jennifer Sanders my sister showed this movie to me when I was seven and it changed my life forever

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August Absent

If Tim Curry doesn't sexually confuse you, I don't know what does.

Grace Lafave

Daniel Talarico bro same but switch the gender

Wuft Chan

@AlexTFW ahahah lol


Eh, I've already been confused on my sexuality since I first saw Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger

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