Super Heroes
Richard O'Brien Lyrics

I've done a lot
God knows I've tried
To find the truth
I've even lied
But all I know
Is down inside I'm


And super heroes
Come to feast
To taste the flesh
Not yet deceased
And all I know
Is still the beast is


And crawling on the planet's face
Some insects called the human race
Lost in time, and lost in space
And meaning


Contributed by Avery B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Ah, 144p... We meet again

Gun Clinger

Are you watching on green or amber screen? 240 here, and not bad at all.

Johnny Red

He's genius

e l l a

if anyones wondering, the chords are for verses and chorus Am,Em,C,D,F,E,Am,Am and then the little riff is Am,Dm,Am,DM,Am,DM,F, and some other chord....this works on ukulele, not sure about guitar :)

Shards of Shattered Halos Lacerate My Skin

+Ella Scott > No luv, close. The chords are Am Emaj G D F E Am,, w/ chromatic bass notes descending. As in, it goes A - Ab - G - Gb - F - E - A down the neck, over those chords. Then the change : Amajor/ Dmajor back & forth 3x, to B7, to Emaj....close again; Back to main part again.

Rock E Horror


Kool McCool

P_H_E_N_O_M_E_N_A_L  - you cant get a more definitive version by the original composer. truly magic Richard!

Rock E Horror

If you sleep with a copy of "Absolute O'Brien" under your pillow, you will never age. It's a scientific fact.


Richard o'Brien's version of this is always the best!!


love him doing the wind at the end of the song !

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