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Salome's Dance
Richard Strauss Lyrics

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Eldritch Sway and dance girl, spread your glamour I'll draw the curta…

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Comments from YouTube:


Zero veils were counted....

Jerf Hankell

@nevskixx either way, it's always been a shithole haha. Same region spawned three crap religions, although the modern Jews are GREAT because they alone learned, some time ago, that their own religion is bullshit and then went on to be scientists and great artists and leaders in other fields. The other two religions still just wallow in their own feces, figuratively haha. Salome is a great blow against belief in gods, embracing physical enjoyment instead. I love the irreligious Strauss.

Brünn hilde

No veils, Because Regietheater!


@docrhw Weil It was Judea then. Hadrian coined the name Palestine 135 AD. And no they didn't wear suits and ties then.

docrhw Weil

Well, they weren't wearing suits and ties in ancient Palestine either. Guess we'll just have to enjoy the dance and music and "imagine" the rest.

Krystal Harris

Ummmm...what?😌 Is this..? veils Lady???😕

Staffan Lindström

Where are the seven veils?

gregory colodub

All veils withdrawn in favor of the state

Ambrose Joseph

beautiful music, the dancing not so much.

Louise X

I think it's a great idea to show the dance on two levels, what happens outwardly (on the floor) and her inner fantasy that she is really dancing with the unatattainable Jochanaan. And Malin Byström is outstanding in this role, both as a singer and a very talented actress. :)

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