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I want your Sex-ua-lity
I see you
What you wanna do?
Let's break the rules
You wanna go down
Grab up on my town
To make that sound ooh
I don't be shy
You know I want to lie
Please don't hive youur Sex-ua-ity
Baby let's go
Lose us self-control
If you wanna know my Sex-ua-lity

You want it
Let make a move, come show me
Just where you can do
I'm ready you're ready, too
So come and meet tonight yoou
Boy show me what's you're Fantasy
I want to let me see your Sex-ua-lity (Sexuality)
You know 'bout me you wanna top on me
I'm just release yoour Sex-ua-lity

I wanna see you baby
(Sexuality) I want your Sex-ua-lity
I want your Sex-ua-lity

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Comments from YouTube:

Sia S.

This sound like something prince would make

Denise Harcus

Beat and voice tone match "controversy " exactly. Wow!!

Franzi Randzio

i Love this song (yn)♥


I could hear this if I was in a fashion show because Rihanna is a model and she walks like one. I can do the same too.

Kim Oliver Maniscan


Joseph Michael

Wonder if her and Oprah jammed this song on that "episode" or ( conquest ) or whatever Oooprah calls it these days! Bet RiReee had a "tighter" relationship with (jezzy) B fore the Next Chapter episode!😂🤣😋🤗😎


Lets break the rules...auch!>.xDD

Hannah Barrett

@cassiedall i was just thinking that!


Ive heard this song but i first didnt think it was her but it sounded like her then i searched the lyrics it was her

(Sorry im not god at english)


Prince's - Controversy slowed down....

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