Rise Among Rivals Lyrics

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Chimaira Broken homes and resentment Scars that never fade Ridicule…
Estrange You've got some nerve showing up here again Last time you…
Heartlistener I know I am now stronger than I thought I…
Homesick for Space No one can deny this straight line Convictions/contradict s…
I Rise Break these binds of "sanity", keeping thoughts in the box.…
M-Lito Throughout this process it was you that I steady was…
One Step Too Many Take one more puff take one more sip its up…
State Of Conviction Broken homes and resentment Scars that never fade Ridiculed …
Unearth Convictions. Lost direction. Once a fielded dream, Controlle…

Venia Where have I gone? So far where I stood such…

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Comments from YouTube:


A certain AEW Forbidden Door highlight video brought me here. Excellent song!


it wouldnt be the one with a certain brit and goofy dude would it?


@Steven Woods 😁


Wouldn't it be a certain mascot vs one of the best wrestlers in the world?


Me too


Wouldn't be a dude against one of the best wrestlers I've seen

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Instant classic!


Great song !


I don't know how you do it, but i added all your songs to my playlist. There isn't any song that i wouldn't like.

Thank you for your music.


<3 So happy to see more on the way

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