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Rise Among Rivals Lyrics

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You know, when folks are kind enough to give back that level of energy (and even help me remember the words by singing along), well, you just can't go wrong. As long as Mr. Chuck (the owner) and Aron want to do this thing (Wednesday 8:30 to 12). I will keep on coming and I'm going to do different songs every week until I have run through my entire repertoire (must be 60 songs or so, after all these decades), and then we'll do some blues jamming, some amplified, Chicago style bullet mic blues harp, and even some bottle neck, resonator slide guitar ( Son House style), I'll record it all, upload it to YouTube for posterity, and then... retire! Ya'll come on out- food is great and the beer and booze is easy on the wallet. We've all known each other since the 70's, so it's just old friends, old music, and remembering (and making) good times. Let it roll...