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Risso Lyrics

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Vice Squad Every day I wanna stay in bed 'Cause my life is…

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Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ

eolil ttaen museowohadeon
nyaong-iga joh-ajyeoss-eo I like it like it
sappunhi dalie dodohage seuchine simkungsimkung
geuleonde koga galyeobgo nun-i ppalgaejyeo
mueongaga jalmosdoen geon hwagsilhaess-eo
nan naega museun byeong-e geollin jul algoseo
byeong-won-e gassdeoni uisaga haneun mal
Allergy allergy allergy allergy
Cat allergy allergy
Allergy allergy allergy
Cat allergy allergy
nan hyeondaeuihag-ui him geugeo midgo igyeonae
Doctor manse manmanse
geuleung-geuleung-geuleung sappunhi naegelo wa angyeoss-eo
simkung tto simkung oh yeah
geuleonde koga galyeobgo nun-i ppalgaejyeoss-eo
yeojeonhi jeonhi jalmosdoen ge hwagsilhaess-eo
nan naega chilyoga da dwaess-eul geolago chaggag-eul han chae
deulgeos-e nan sillyeoga
habana beulaun ballinijeu
sabana meinkun maengkeuseu siam syam
teokisi ang-gola peleusian
seukotisipoldeu abisinia kosyos
ulmyeonseo nunkiseuman hane
jib ap mulgwa salyoman meoggoseo
Allergy allergy allergy allergy
Cat allergy allergy
Allergy allergy allergy
Cat allergy allergy
nan imi ppajyeo beolyeossneunde
ileumdo imi jeonghaenwass-eossneunde

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Cʜσα ʜчυηαღ

.・*:。*:。✩i love this song and risso.・*:。*:。✩

Kpop Fandam

Didn't know what to expect since I'm not too familiar with Risso, but this was a pleasant surprise. Will definitely be keeping my eye out for her in the future

Aimy Realaileean

Shinobi Magos Aren’t they the ones who did the cute couple song ? Was it called Hawaiian something... ? :p

Shinobi Magia

Fandam she works with Humming Urban Stereo 👌

Jiselle Matamoro

I knew I would love this song before I even heard it.


Risso’s so underrated.




This is so catchy! I love it ❤️




Wow this is my first time hearing her I like this song wow

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