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Robbie Seed Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

bob therriault

What about using the value of ⎕IO in the equation, so
Then whatever the value of ⎕IO your result will be correct. Dyalog guys may have a better solution, as I am just a J dude.🙂

bob therriault

Also, for some reason on the playback I can't see the chat on this episode, although it shows up on previous episodes. Tried on both Safari and Chrome.

Remy Clarke
Page 9 (PDF page 13)
"Finally, ⎕io (called index origin) is not used here, but merits comment
because it occurs in all dialects, affecting the behaviour of the verbs ⍋,⍒,⍉,?,
and ⍳ . If ⎕io is assigned the value 0, the behaviour in any dialect agrees with
that described here. If ⎕io←1, then each element of ⍳⍵ is increased by 1, and
the other functions (which yield or use indices drawn from ⍳⍵) are affected
accordingly. "
-Ken Iverson; A Dictionary of APL

I think a comment at the top is best, if you like you can leave this quote

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