The Score
Robert Cray Lyrics

Well all right, baby
I guess I know the score
You better get to packin'
I don't want you around here anymore

You come home looking funky
Your clothes all in a mess
And your story wasn't fittin'
Any better than your dress
Well all right, baby
Now I know the score
Well you better get to gettin'
I don't want to see you around here anymore

(Guitar solo)

You came in one time too many
Lyin' out both sides of your mouth
You said you was at your mother's
But I really got my doubts

I seen you at the Rainbow
Hangin' out with Red
And if I get my hands on you, baby
You're gonna wish that you were dead

Well all right, baby
Now I know the score
Well you better get to movin'
I don't want you around here anymore

You'd better get to goin', baby
I done got into your game, baby
Uh huh, thought you was foolin' me, huh?
Now I know, baby
I know better

I'll teach you not to cheat on me

Yeah, baby, comin' at 'ya

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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Stevenson

Smoking guitar gots the pipes?and very talented I seen him back in the 90s blew the roof ofc those joints

Bill C

Saw him, went back stage and met him a couple of times in the late 80s. Nice guy and a talented bluesman!

Michael Stevenson

Gots a sound nobody can touch. This one was a favorite

Michael Stevenson

It was probably one of the bedrooms you ever put out this is what the blues is all about brother false accusations phone booth porchlight stuff like that at old stuff but really got him going Smoking Gun right next door all that stuff was good Robert Cray is a legend

Aron Nagy

one of my favourite albums

Edwina Taylor

shivers down my spine !! love you Robert Cray xx

Phil Astles


Kleber Correa

Mรกster great song

amy portsmouth

legend, true blues......... rewibd to my childhood sat beside my old man...

Darius Aetius

ow yeah!

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