Robert Cray Lyrics

When you're used up,
Where do you go,
Mother dry your eyes,
There's no need to cry
I'm not a boy,
Iit's what I signed up for

When you're used up,
Where do you go,
I can't take the heat,
And I hardly sleep anymore
What'd we come here for

Standing out here in the desert
Trying to protect an oil line
I'd really like to do my job but
This ain't the country that I had in mind
They call this a war on terror
I see a lot of civilians dying
Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters
Not to mention some friends of mine
Some friends of mine

Was supposed to leave last week
Promises they don't keep anymore
Got to fight the rich man's war

When you're used up,
Where do you go,
Late in 2004
Comes a knock at the door
It's no surprise
Mother dry your eyes

Mother don't you cry, no, no
Someone told you a lie
Yes they did, why
Mother don't you cry, oh no
Mother don't you cry

When you're used up,
Where do you go,
Where do you go,

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as a former neo con, I loved Robert Cray's music, but hated this song. When I woke up by getting educated by reading guys like Ron Paul, Murry Rothbard, and Lew Rockwell things changed. One day I was listening to some other Robert Cray songs and suddenly remembered this song that I had previously hated. I did a google search for this video and watched it and cried like a baby, spot on Robert, war is no friend to freedom. Thoughts and  prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones due to this government sponsored war, whether they be  American or from the Middle East.

Leon Žunec

Heard him play this one live and got a huge lump in my throat... his guitar and his voice weep together as one.

jergens chris

American death counts spiking again in our endless war in Irakistan: "...somebody told you a lie..." Thank you Robert---hits the nail square on the head


well said.........  take it from one that has "been there and done that" even if it was 46 years ago (Vietnam)

Briam Mcmillion

Tell them to stop the building shit in the USA over money then man and woman and life

Prom Queen

Glad you made it...


One of the best songs Robert ever recorded. The song says it all..Respect to all the vets outhere.

Adaylane Alves

Muito, muito bom!


i first heard this song at eric claptons supposed last tour back when i was in high school in 2007 or 2008. i was mesmerized and it was not just because we had smoked before. i can still recall his name and this song's name without a problem.

Marco Misson

Great Message. I hope someday stop this wars where american lives are lost. I am sorry very much for these soldiers and their families. Lo siento mucho por estos soldados y sus familias.

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