Locked Away
Robert Forster Lyrics

She swears that I'm the only one, what about yesterday
Oh I'd like to believe, somehow I still suspect (locked away)
She ought to be (locked away)
She ought to be locked away.

My mind is racing, footsteps lead me to jealousy
I'm losing my grip, I can't trust the way I feel (locked away)
I ought to be (locked away)
Throw that old key away.
My friends say that your friends say
Uh that I ain't worth your time
I know what you must hear
Don't let it interfere (locked away)
Ought to be (locked away)
They ought to be (locked away, locked away).

We can do anything, any trick in the book
We can go anywhere as long as we get (locked away)
Ought to be (locked away)
You and me (locked away, locked away)
We ought to be locked away (locked away, locked away, locked away).

(Locked away, we ought to be locked away)

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