Robert Fripp Lyrics

I smile like Chicago
She laughs like the breeze
I try so hard to charm her
With minor mysteries
I collide with her softness
With the whispers and pleas
Echoes of her movements
Delicate obscenities

It's a one quarter rain dance
Half of it's prayer
It's a simplest romance
Rattles high in the air
She's the gentlest pretender
I'm a clown on a spree
Still it's sweet to remember
The way it might be
I smile like Chicago

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Daniel phenix

The best collaboration of Hammill in his whole career. outside his work...nothing can compare to it....Just amazing...sung in his dressing gown with a bottle of cognac! Just amazing! (Darryl Hall can not compete which such genius of the phrasé)

Barry Todd


Diego Ojeda

Fripp as a guitar genius and Hammill one of the best singer of all times, the absolute genius composer.

John LaStrada

Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator) and Robert Fripp -- together. Wish they would do a whole album together....even today. These artists are incredible. The first time I saw Fripp in relation to Hammill was when I saw he played some guitar on the Van der Graaf album "H To He Who Am The Only One." For those unfamiliar with Hammill -- check out "KIller," on that album for an intense experience.

Luc Gnomax

And Pawn Heart :)


Similar to PFM's "From Under"


Yes, the dual tracked guitar solo in "The Emperor In His War Room", is amazing.

Diego Ojeda

Hammill is THE monster of modern music.


Best comparison I ever heard: Peter Hammill sings like Robert Fripp plays guitar. Or something like that anyway. It's too bad they didn't do a lot more together, I agree, though I'm not sure one mind could handle all that intensity at once.


I always thought that the best solution for them would've been to either have Fripp join VdGG in 1976, or to have Hammill join King Crimson in 1981. Fripp needed a great songwriter and vocalist like Hammill, as much as I love Belew, I think Hammill is a better vocalist and songwriter and VdGG would've been better with Fripp after Banton and Jackson left.

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