Robert Fripp Lyrics

Mrs Marion is strict with her servant
Behind locked doors over coffee they speak
They speak to my sister and my parents
And I'm trying hard not to shriek
Disengage, disengage

She decodes my secrets and my fragments
I'd create any betrayal for their sake
She asks me to wait in the hallway
Where I'm doing my best not to, not to, not to shake
Disengage, disengage

Muttering words to her
Muttering words to her
Muttering words to her for convenience
I start to head for the door
Mrs Marion screams over my shoulder
Walking out's just another metaphor

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Comments from YouTube:

Esu21 Productions

Robert Fripp on guitars, Peter Hammill on vocals, Tony Levin on bass and Phil Collins on drums. Simply amazing.


not typical Collins style of play though  more thrashing lol

Luc Gnomax

it's also the mention on the record

Stick and Tissue

@a mb
yeah, just reading Gabriel's biography, and it aso says it's Collins.

Esu21 Productions

@Bryan Todd According to Wikipedia it's Phil.

Bryan Todd

isn't that narada michael walden on kit?

George Piazza

Love Hammill's vocals on this - absolutely shreds..

Patrick McCormack


Lorin Tone

The whole release of this project was the greatest burst of sheer musical emotion in our generation.


I listened to this album for the first time today, and I could not believe the vocal performance Fripp got out of Terre Roche on the title track! That’s the kind of raw, feral, yet well-controlled singing we wouldn’t hear again until PJ Harvey and Björk.

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