Water Music I
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J.G. Bennett: From the scientific point of view it is now very likely that there will be again another Ice Age, quite soon, in the world; that we shall have the north part of the world all frozen like it used to be, and we're beginning to have natural disasters. From the scientists' study it seems likely that we should soon begin to have these great changes in the earth's climate so people will not be able to live where they have, and the oceans will rise, and many cities will be flooded, like London, and Calcutta, and so on. These things, they say, will happen, according to scientific theory, in about forty years at the most, but maybe even quicker.

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Melanie Davis

Thank you for posting this. I love this sequence. <3

Gavin Wieland

I love this song. It's awesome.

Super Mururoa

Water Music, pt.I/Here Comes the Flood (voc. Peter Gabriel, of 'Genesis' fame)/Water Music, pt.II

Vrdsr fleingf

Ahhhh musica ambiental

Vrdsr fleingf

Perdon.nosabia k estaba ese temazo ahí

Vrdsr fleingf

Cuando arranca?

Koichi Hirata

And i don't know.

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