You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette
Robert Fripp Lyrics

You burn me up I'm a cigarette
You hold my hand I begin to sweat
You make me nervous
Ooh I'm nervous
It must be real bad karma
For this to be my dharma
With you

You burn me up I'm a cigarette
Life with you is a loser's bet
You make me crazy
Ooh I'm going crazy
Your therapeutic antics
Well they really make me frantic
With you

Strategic interaction irreducible fraction
Terminal inaction and a bitter hostile faction
I'm getting anxious
I'm franxious
Transactional diseases are the only thing that pleases

You burn me up I'm a cigarette
Demanding my attention which you're not gonna get
What did the sage mean?
What had the sage seen?
Musical elation is my only consolation
Oh yeah

You burn me up I'm about to ignite
When you tell me you love me I give up this fight
I'm feeling put down my feelings shut down
I want rejuvenation from male emancipation

[note: some releases omit printing this verse]

Strategic interaction terminal inaction
A bitter hostile faction irreducible fraction
Transactional diseases are the only thing that pleases

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Comments from YouTube:

MJ Cox

Fripp produced Daryl Hall's first solo album 'Sacred Songs'. It's Hall pop with Fripp loops right in the middle of songs! ...Odd but good!

mark avery

I remember having to look very hard for this album when it came out and when I finally got it, I wasn't disappointed - love the song North Star...🎸


it's some 30 years that I ask myself what "transactional diseases" are.

Kevin Williams


Patricia Fripp

Love it....

Crimson Kng

Sure looks like it from her User Page.


Are you the real Patricia Fripp



Bodó István

A typical love song from my romantic ages :)

Renato .Mantovani

Shivapuri Baba starts smoking cigarrettes, not much I suppose, late in his life (after 100 years old). Is because of that he speaks (1:18) in this record?

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