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@@drea12187 To be honest, it took months to word it. Years perhaps. Maybe a life time. Opening your heart to the honest truth and express what you feel and know, certainly as a parent, to be true in its core absolutely.

This bond, it took years to build, but stay the course.

In the end, truth prevails. As does true dedication and devotion towards your own children.

Many times they might disagree when they are young, perhaps even hate you, but as they grow older they will understand. They might even hate you for years. Stay the course.

Just be true to yourself, stay honest, teach your children to think independantly, and trust your children will grow up and be able to divide truth from hearsay.

Trust and good family education yield the highest results. Make your children stronger, independant thinkers, not followers and yes sayers.

It might take years, but always trust in yourself and your children that all will be well.

Just think, if you're going to condemned, then at least be condemned for who you truly are.

It took me years to regain the trust of my children, and all I had to do was to stay my true self, and be patient. Trusting them they would find who was real and who was not.

I just described my lessons learned along the way.

Hopefully those will make you, and others, stronger.

Wish you the best. Thank you for responding.

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RIP Robert




@@kitzreads3064 what a great response to someone paying respects to a person


@@robertaskazlauskas4163 "someone" a brand isn't a person 😭😭😭


@@kitzreads3064 hmm


His legacy lives on, if not in the people's hearts, then at least in my heart.

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Still listening in 2024, who's with me?❤❤❤❤


I'm with you in 2024....I will listen forever ❤❤❤



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