Rain On My Parade
Robert Palko Lyrics

The only one I haven't lied to
Wears the name of our only God
Don't hold back, the time has come to
Free your feelings and give the nod
She's the one at the pilot's seat so
You'd better sit in our silver Ford
You gotta sit by me on this road

I found a stolen name
I gotta keep my fame and I feel my reign
To be a lonesome game
Rain on my parade
I gotta hit it
Gotta hit it, mate

The only one I haven't told yet
Wears your name and looks like you
Don't turn back, the river flows down
On your cheeks as silver glue
Crying made and makes you stronger
Just don't be afraid to let it through

You gotta sit by me while it grows
You gotta stand by me while it roars
You gotta hold my hand while it chokes
You gotta feed our sanity cord

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Written by: Robert Palko

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