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Carnaval Op. 9: No. 12 Chopin
Robert Schumann Lyrics

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Dreaming For the life of me I never thought that it could…

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The Soul of Piano

Carnaval showcases virtually all of the young Schumann's personal and musical characteristics in one form or another; a number of the pieces are musical portraits of the composer's friends and important contemporaries. The opening "Préambule," which contains music originally intended as part of a set of variations on Schubert's Trauerwalzer, Op. 9/2 (D. 365), is one of the few pieces in the set not explicitly organized around the A-S-C-H idea. Figures from the commedia dell' arte make appearances in "Pierrot," "Arlequin," and "Pantelon et Columbine." Schumann writes himself into the work in the guise of his two alter egos, the idealistic, dreamy Eusebius, and fiery man of action Florestan. Ernestine von Fricken is characterized in "Estrella," while Clara Wieck, Frederick Wieck's teenaged daughter, is portrayed passionato in "Chiarina." (It was eventually she, in fact, and not von Fricken, who became Schumann's wife.) Schumann includes a touching tribute to Chopin, as well as a virtuosic intermezzo whose subject is the legendary violinist Paganini.

Schumann created a club, "the Davidsbündler" - David's companions - who met at Kaffeebaum Leipzig, consisting of real and imaginary characters itself in several forms (Eusebius the gentle poet, Florestan vehement) with members honor as Chopin and Paganini. The purpose of the club was to fight against the Philistines, in German literature of the nineteenth century in particular, designated the persons outside the universities, bourgeois.

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Another beautiful piece from Schumann.  I enjoyed your music.


Beautiful ! I too am learning this and it really helps to see the score, while listening-gorgeous!! Thanks so much.


Sublime ! Merci de nous faire partager votre sensibilité à travers ce magnifique morceau

The Soul of Piano

Un grand merci pour votre commentaire qui m'a particulièrement touché. Sinon je ne fais pas partie des membres d'un forum de piano. Bonne suite à vous et courage. A une époque, j'avais commencé un peu ce morceau mais d'entrée de jeu ça s'annonçait un peu laborieux. Longtemps après, j'ai repris en insistant vraiment et en travaillant méthodiquement et finalement j'y suis arrivé. A ce jour je joue un peu plus vite et surtout les crescendos ressortent mieux.

Juan luis Sanchez

Es un dia lluvioso gris y verde, los recuerdos de lo que pudo ser...pura melancolia

محبي الطيور المغردة

❤ So beautiful !
❤ Great video !
❤ Thank you !

Marco D'Adamo

sounds so beautiful!

The Soul of Piano

Thank you very much for your comment that made me very happy, I also wanted to thank you for the thumbs up that you added me, I greatly appreciate.
I wish you a beautiful week.

ARD info

this is AMAZING! I just love this..

Akam T

It is perfect.

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