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Fantasy In C Op. 17
Robert Schumann Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Robert Schumann:

Dreaming For the life of me I never thought that it could…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sebastien Traglia

This composition is a miracle

Daniel A

Schumann is a miracle.

Daniel A

@Jo T takes a tone-deaf person to say something like that.
Go and try to develop your tone-processing powers then come back to comment.
You clearly lack musical intelligence and ear to understand this, which is why this wealth of musical information sounds “incoherent” to you.
In your case, this composition is pearls before swine.

Daniel A

It really is. Magical...


@Jo T well it's your opinion.

Михаило Филиповић

It has somekind of sweetness to it, I love Schumanns a lot 😍

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Coby K.

When the performer's name has like 7 consonants in a row, you know they're good.

Y. Paul Kwon



Lol Blechacz

Elias Mendes

The Fantasie opens with the instruction: "to be performed throughout with imagination and passion"

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