Living Proof
Robot and the Beanstalk Lyrics

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody makes mistakes
Nobody's the same, oh no, not the same
Even though you made those choices
I'll still love you, yeah I'll still love you

They made you think that everything was just alright
As long as they had the cash in their hands, it's alright
Every night, the same thing over again
A vicious cycle that made you cry and pretend
That maybe you deserve this
That maybe you don't deserve to be missed
And those drugs try to fill the void
But they can't, oh no, they can't

I can see the scars across your arms, oh darling
And the same scars are on your heart, your heart
Just take my hand, hold your chin up
That's where you have got to look
The stars are still there
Just have hope

We had a rough start look how we've come so far
Look to the horizon
The moon is sky high your eyes are full of life
And I can see the sun rising
And though our boat's been thrown around with no relenting
I swear I'll get you out of this and one day hear you sing
We're home, we're home
And never again will we be alone

Hand in hand we'll make it through this
Hand in hand we'll make it through
Side by side, the future is bright
Just take a look at us we are living proof

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Joshua Lomas-Mears

Makes me feel so nostalgic... I love it


Cool song! Keep uploading! P:

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