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You Can't Fight City Hall / Rocko Fought City Hall
Rocko's Modern Life Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


I love that I am not the only one who is close to their 30's and still randomly sings this.


Hit 30 this year, and man this just gets stuck deep in


​@@Lyander25-_- you commented on a 7 year old comment and now I'm 35 and it's stuck in my head again.


I’m in my mid 30’s and I still sing this and the recycle song all the time


Watching victory outdoor services reminded me of this today. Febuary 19th 2024


I am 41 and this song still comes to mind whenever people attempt to fight the power and fail. It stuck with me for life. We're a big unruly mob.

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"We're a big unruly mob!" has been living rent free in my brain for about thirty years.



that was my favorite part as a kid. and I loved that they had sparklers.




Ghouls I LITERALLY looked for this video just for that part lmbo!

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