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Rocko's Modern Life Lyrics

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I enjoyed this show, and I think the special went above and beyond my expectations, it still had that sharp wit, outrageous gags and subtle warmth in the characters. Ralph’s transition to Rachel was also a nice touch, I didn’t expect it but somehow it made sense considering the character’s history with identity, from cartoonist, to artist, and now to a life of her choosing.

Now to be honest I don’t particularly feel comfortable seeing men being intimate with one another much less wearing a dress, much like how I don’t like brocolli or seeing elderly couples can get their freak on, while I don’t like it I respect it as a natural thing.

But to hate something that we do not understand is a kind of cancer that warps our perspective on what our values are. If we cannot value the intense courage and change these people have gone through, how can we face life knowing we cannot accept the indifference it offers?

I’m writing this because I enjoyed this cartoon as a kid and I enjoyed this special, so thanks to Joe Murray for bringing back the cast just one more time.

P.S. Rachel is technically nit the first transgender in the show. RRBG is.

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"21st century is a very dangerous century."

You're not wrong Rocko.

Jay Gooese

I love how he breaks the fourth wall by looking at the camera just when the audience k n o w

Jay Gooese

He's right though

Amelia K Loydon😁✌

Not wrong at all

Kamena Inshan

With the virus and people dying that how it is dangerous

Kamena Inshan

Rocko is right

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Christian Gonzales

Glad they didn't modernize the animation too much and still were able to keep the same art style.


@Raijin The Master I saw what you wrote before editing the comment.

"How is he whining? You people always say that when someone says something. And he's not even lying either."

Care to explain?

Raijin The Master

@GreenSwede How is he whining? You people always say that when someone says something.

Steven Villman

@Captain Splatter It's basically the Rocko's Modern Life equivalent of pre-2003's The Simpsons (when cell animation was still used in production) versus post-2008's The Simpsons (when HD broadcasting and production was/is utilized there).

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