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05 Lurk In My Yogurt
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Make It I'm gonna make it as long as I base it…

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Matt Hardy

sumeahs king
No word of a lie bro.
I'm in Australia, at the time I was living in an area called south Windsor, western Sydney, one of the worst areas in Australia, riddled full of drugs, bikies, guns, gang called the blood brothers and Asian gang the 5T or triads.
Our aussie firefighters are nothing like in America, you won't catch them going into a building like the twin towers...most fire fighters are voluntary here.
We have a group called state emergency services that deal with heroic matters like that here.
He was standing not even a metre away from when I kicked the screen out which was pop rivited in...fucking bang as I kicked it and it blew out, with the momentum I fell out.
Scared the Fuck out of him bro.
Probs thought he was being ambushed or about to be attacked or witnessing some type of other fucked up mess.
Screemed and took off.
Swear on my children's life mate.
It was hilarious and the cops thought so too.

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this dude looks pretty amazing for 37. Could easily pass for a 25 year old. Also, there's nothing better than Joe's sincere, authentic laugh


How's that for authentic


Nevermind I'm really not that interested to know.
You seem really easily amazed and I'm just not interested im sorry so keep your remarks and replys to your self because frankly
I don't want them and I'm not sure why I inquired in the first place


Are you amazed and amused


It's pretty Amazing isn't it

Axel Stone

@Joost Lubberink lmao

11 More Replies...

Yian Saechao

THEO is the best guest on
JOE's podcast..this dude has the
best answers to Joe's questions🤣


Joe: "How old were you?"
Theo: "Oh, this was like 2 years ago...."

I lost it.

Lissa May

The "I still live there" was the cherry on top

Chrissy Green


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