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Carlton Is A Name Not A Dance
Rocom Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Rocom:

Make It I'm gonna make it as long as I base it…

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Comments from YouTube:


Chris Distefano is the substitute teacher of the podcast world

Im Bored

Wow I almost had a heart attack at the sight of my own goofy drawings! Thank you so much for sharing! Love you guys!

IX Panda

Thank you so much for that 😂

Th3 M4chine

It's one of their best bits and your drawings are fantastic.

Th3 M4chine


Emperor Palpatine

I loved those silhouette drawings

Chewing Gum Sandwich


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James Chance

Chrissy - “Ask her any school question?”
Andrew - “She did have to study American history”
Chrissy - “Ok, how many planets are there and can you name them?”

Corey Is InKing

Poor Chris! Absolutely crushed when asking Rudy and Andrew if he lost weight.

Brace Juice

DiStefano is multiplying in every podcast like Agent Smith in the Matrix

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