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Jury Duty
Rocom Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Jury Duty' by these artists:

J Pee Yeah bitch, I got fucking jury duty Dress nice, suit and…
Supertones 5 am on Tuesday Why am I up so early Drive out…
Supertones The O.C. 5 am on Tuesday Why am I up so early Drive out…
The Mothertongue This is how I deal with consequence, By acting like a…
The O.C. Supertones 5 am on Tuesday Why am I up so early Drive out…

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Make It I'm gonna make it as long as I base it…

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Comments from YouTube:


when bobby acts like a brat right from the start, you know this is gonna be a fun episode.

Candied Crusader

@Brandon Wilson Any of them without bobby doesnt hit right for a "Bad Friends" Podcast.

Jonah c

Yeah but the thing is that


A 50 year old child baby

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One of the most underrated podcasts of our time. No filters, no bullshit egos. Just pure comedy and real conversations!

Vince BL

I don't think it's underrated when every single comment on every single episode says how amazing it is, with more views than subscribers on every episode, lol. It's fucking phenomenal but people need to stop saying the same shit in the comments every video.

Rickey Koga

The authenticity and lack of agenda is damn refreshing. Just two dudes having a gay ole time


Bobby Rudy and the Mexican are great

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This show is literally just an hour every week of an Asian and a red head arguing and I’m in love with it

Danny Zorc

Drink every time Santino tightens the screws on his mic

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