Arriverderci Roma
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Mario Lanza Arrivederci Roma, goodbye, goodbye to Rome City of a million…
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T'invidio turista che arrivi,
t'imbevi de fori e de scavi,
poi tutto d'un colpo te trovi
fontana de Trevi ch'e tutta pe' te!

Ce sta 'na leggenda romana
legata a 'sta vecchia fontana
per cui se ce butti un soldino
costringi er destino a fatte tornà.

E mentre er soldo bacia er fontanone
la tua canzone in fondo è questa qua!

Arrivederci, Roma...
Good revoir...
Si ritrova a pranzo a Squarciarelli
fettuccine e vino dei Castelli
come ai tempi belli che Pinelli immortalò!

Arrivederci, Roma...
Good revoir...
Si rivede a spasso in carozzella
e ripenza a quella "ciumachella"
ch'era tanto bellae che gli ha detto sempre "no!"

Stasera la vecchia fontana
racconta la solita luna
la storia vicina e lontana
di quella inglesina col naso all'insù

Io qui, proprio qui l'ho incontrata...
E qui...proprio qui l'ho baciata...
Lei qui con la voce smarrita
m'ha detto:"E' finita ritorno lassù!"

Ma prima di partire l'inglesina
buttò la monetina e sussurrò:

Arrivederci, Roma...
Good revoir...
Voglio ritornare in via Margutta
voglio rivedere la soffitta
dove m'hai tenuta stretta stretta accanto a te!

Arrivederci, Roma...
Non so scordarti più...
Porto in Inghilterra i tuoi tramonti
porto a Londra Trinità dei monti,
porto nel mio cuore i giuramenti e gli "I love you!"

Arrivederci, Roma...
Good revoir...
Mentre l'inglesina s'allontana
un ragazzinetto s'avvicina
va nella fontana pesca un soldo se ne va!
Arrivederci, Roma!


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Nilson Sandrea

Maravillosa composición y arreglo, mil gracias a quien hizo esto posible.,

hunter july

I wish my Mother was here today to see this on a phone with pictures, yet. She had all their records on vinal and she loved them so much. Thank you for creating the wonderful video. Brings back so many childhood memories.

Mario Moreno

Gracias por compartir música tan hermosa

Lynn O

Fabulous...I enjoy Mario Lanza to this day. Thank you xo


Ahí van las pistas:

0:00 1) Arrivederci Roma
3:32 2) All The Things You Are
8:02 3) Besame Mucho
11:46 4) Moon River
14:35 5) Moonlight Serenade
18:46 6) Harbor Lights
22:20 7) Harbor Lights - Reprise

Margit Pesko

Csodaszép melódiák.

Saori Kido

Valeu toda beleza...!!!


Beautiful. Thank You.

michelle reed

I love so many different genres when it comes to music.  My parents loved different styles of music and exposed me to just about everything.  Classical, swing, Jazz, Country, Rock -n-Roll, Rock, Blue Grass, Alternative, --just everything; they allowed me to explore and decide what I like.  As a result I have favorite songs from just about every category of music there is and have developed no particular favorite genre over another.  I just have learned to appreciate the artistry of the music, lyrics--literally the craft itself.  Even when I hear something I might not like, I can still appreciate the effort, work, and musicianship that goes into making the piece.  I can still find the spirit of the piece, and it's message This music here, is awesome.  I really like it.  Just wonderful to listen to, and to relax.  Thanks for putting this on here.  One of my favorites in this category is "Under Paris Skies"--I was born in 1962.  So--this song came out when I was a toddler--and my Dad played it all the time.  He also played: "Wheels"--love that too.Blessings,Michelle

Mario Moreno

Ya nos tocara volver a Roma

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