Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
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(Auf wiedersehen, auf wiedersehen)
(We'll meet again, sweetheart)

This lovely day has flown away
The time has come to part
We'll kiss again, like this again
Don't let the teardrops start
With love that's true, I'll wait for you
Auf wiedersehen, sweetheart

Overall Meaning

The song "Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart" is a beautiful and emotional ballad about parting ways with a loved one. The first line of the chorus, "Auf wiedersehen, auf wiedersehen," translates to "goodbye, goodbye." The singer is saying farewell to their sweetheart, knowing that they will see each other again but unsure of when or where. The melody is a wistful and nostalgic one, fitting for a goodbye song.

The verse talks about how quickly time passes when you are with someone you love. The singer says that the day has flown away and now it is time to part. They promise to kiss again and not let the tears fall because they have faith that they will see their sweetheart again. The final line of the chorus expresses the singer's love and commitment to their partner, promising to wait for them until they meet again.

Line by Line Meaning

This lovely day has flown away
This beautiful day has come to an end

The time has come to part
It's time for us to say goodbye

We'll kiss again, like this again
We will share another passionate and loving kiss like we did before

Don't let the teardrops start
Please don't cry or become emotional

With love that's true, I'll wait for you
My love for you is genuine and I will patiently wait for our reunion

Auf wiedersehen, sweetheart
Goodbye my dear, until we meet again

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