A Wedding in Connecticut
Ron Pope Lyrics

There was a pretty girl
From some small suburb of Dallas
And she came up to New York with a dream
In the confusion and the noise
All of her beauty and her poise
Turned gray like snow beside the city street
She met a boy named Steven
They made love in his apartment
In a second story walk up out in Queens
And the thing she hoped to find
Beneath him on that August night
Was the farthest thing from her
As she dressed to leave

So she hides her eyes
Says a slow goodbye
Swears by the morning light she'll be fine

At a wedding in Connecticut
The mother of the bride
Daydreams about her husband who's just passed
She stands to give a toast
She says 'the only thing I know
Is when you find a love that's worth it, make it last'
So she chokes back to tears
Speaks of all her daughter's years
Thirty Christmases of memories that she keeps
And the speech was sad and sweet
She kisses guests as they all leave
Then heads up to her hotel room to weep

So she bides her time
And says a slow goodbye
Swears by the morning light she'll be fine

Yea, she hides her eyes
And though it's hard some nights
She'd take her own sweet time, she'll be fine

A welder who spent twenty years
Working in an auto plant
Gets laid off on a Thursday afternoon
And he grips the 45
That rests in the glove box when he drives
Then he puts the gun away
And wonders what to do
So he parks in his driveway
And head against the steel meal
Tries to think of what to tell his wife
And in the kitchen he explains
And swears they'll be okay
And she says 'you're the only thing I need in this life'

So he bides his time
And says a slow goodbye
Swears by the morning light he'll be fine

Yea, he hides his eyes
And though it's hard some nights
He'd take her own sweet time, he'll be fine

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Comments from YouTube:


I love how he tells stories with his songs.. He really is an exceptional songwriter and singer :)

Leonie Kedik

I just love every song by Ron pope! He's really talented and I think he's way too underrated. Everybody should know his songs. They're just perfect and heart touching.

Rae Anthony

Leonie Kedik Ugh, yes❤️


one of my greatest friends explained it to me like this: It's a sad song but about hope, too... It's about these people, dealing with different forms of sadness - but then they have to cope with it, they tell themselves they'll be fine. And with time, they will be. So I guess - it's about the types of sadness (a young girl, getting her heart broken, her dream lost, in a big city; a mother reminiscing about her daughter and her husband, a man that just died; someone who's lost a job-

lola lefrancois

some artist you just know you will never stop loving their music. Like Ron Pope, every song has it's own story, and it's own emotion it's passing on to you, it's simply...perfection, to my ears and mind <3


this is the most beautiful thing ever!


I have absolutely been in love with Ron Pope and his songs since the first time I heard him. This song is not an exception.

Moses Thoahlane

so beautiful yet so tragic omg!

Lois Elder

3 love this song. Such a sad, tragic and beautiful song x

Sally AndJack

Steven <3

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