Heartfelt Lies
Ron Pope Lyrics

I walk by the rivers edge
Skipping smooth wet stones
And watching them sink

I never was a fan of innocence
I've got two black eyes
And an empty fifth of gin

And I see I'm wrong for you
But we try
You swear I'm hard
To lay beside
If I was you I'd run
From me most nights
Maybe I was meant
To be left behind

Thundering circumstances
Beyond our control rumble in
Counting time by the lines
'Round your eyes
As your gentle caress
Helps me forget

And I think it's time

To say good night
And you swear I'm hard
To lay beside
Now years seem to pass
As we blink our eyes
Maybe I was meant
To be left behind

But all of our heartfelt lies
All of our heartfelt lies
All of our heartfelt lies
They're not enough this time

And I say I'd love
To spend the night
But you found someone else
To lay beside
And I know it makes sense
But it's like sand in my eyes
Maybe I was meant
To be left behind

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Comments from YouTube:

Shonie Jordan

My favorite song by Ron Pope. Love isn't always forever.

Drone Vortex

This guy helps me through the most if my problems believe it or not


He has some of the most beautiful music and lyrics I have ever heard. I am a HUGE fan!!!


I think I heard a drop in the ocean on a vid for some couple, and I instantly loved it. And just searched for the rest of his stuff. Please everyone, buy his music it is beautiful!

Heather Korteweg

Love this song- all his music is beautiful

Melysandra Sinders

I hadn't heard of this until my Pandora channel played it. Fell in love with it instantly :)

Ron Pope

Universal has started sending A Drop In The Ocean out to radio stations. Please call and email the stations you listen to and request it!!!

Ching Min Hao Pao Chao

Guys if you want to listen to these kind of songs go to Google Play Music and search for A Drop in the Ocean Radio. Ever since I listened to that radio It became my late night habit when I couldn't sleep.

Erin McCloskey

he should be waaay more famous than he is... love it :)


This is so beautiful. I think I might cry. Such a powerful song, sadly it's unheard of. But still I love it and most of the people who watched this video do.

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