Silver Spoon
Ron Pope Lyrics

You've got your silver spoon hangin' around your neck
And who your father is don't matter much down here
Sometimes it's easier to fight than run away
When will you learn, I never burn? This child cannot be saved

And while you limousine, and fancy airplane ride
I'm in a factory where they tear apart my insides
And what is left of me cannot be called a man
When will you learn, I never burn? So here I stand again
If this is how the story ends, with the headlines cursing,
Could you persecute me still?
When they're calling off the dogs, and you're sleeping on the lawn,
Will your heart desert me?

She's got a golden crucifix,
And a pair of bloodshot eyes
Got a heart that doesn't mind
Yeah, a heart you couldn't find
I see the world in black and white
So it's easier at night
I've got a heart that doesn't mind
Yeah, a heart you'll never find
Heart you'll never find
Yeah, a heart you'll never find

Still I try
Still I try
To find a little meaning in my life

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm obsessed with this song. Your new album is absolutely delightful! I saw it on iTunes store today and I fell in love right away. :)

Thyago Sá

Muito bom, Ron. 

Nadia Testa

I like the message, you are great

Rebecca Johansson

You are the best!

Emy Uiuiu

so original..great job!

Doug Vann

Love this video!
I took a dozen+ screenshots of buildings in this video and did a Google Image Search, but could NOT get a hit on where this was filmed.
So I'll ask the question...
Where in the world was this filmed? It's beautiful! 

Sierra Toro



Please come tour in the US! I love your music