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Ron Wasserman Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Zords' by these artists:

Aaron Waters Go, go Power Rangers! Go Zack! Go Kimberly! Go Billy! …
Power Rangers Go, go Power Rangers! Go Zack! Go Kimberly! Go Billy! …
The Mighty RAW Go, go Power Rangers! Go Zack! Go Kimberly! Go Billy! …

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ron Wasserman:

5-4-1 You'll come calling, slowly crawling Attitude defined Take…
Combat Tick tock, tick tock You're runnin' out of time No time to…
combat %28redux%29 Tick tock, tick tock You're runnin' out of time No time to…
Fight And so you fell into the danger And you're all alone…
Go Go Power Rangers They've got a power and a force That you've never seen…
Go Green Ranger Go They've got a power and a force That you've never seen…
Go, Go Power Rangers They've got a power and a force that you've never seen…
I Will Win I know the deal I know their sound I know their feel Well…
Power Rangers in Space 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Rangers…
Power Rangers Turbo Go! They've got a power and a force That you've never seen…
We Need A Hero No, we cannot see Who are we, to look to No, it…
White Ranger Tiger Power White Ranger tiger power! White Ranger tiger power! White …

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1:50 iconic moment starts with that hella guitar riff.
Zack here! This is kickin'!
This is Billy! All systems go!
Trini here! Ready to rock!
Hey! Nice stereo!

Megazord power! ON!

Trini here! This is amazing! I seem to know how to drive this thing!
Affirmative, I do too! It's almost like second nature to me!





Jason: LOG ON!
Zack: This is kickin!
Billy: All systems, GO!
Trini: Ready to rock!
Kimberly: Hey, nice stereo!





With her latest monster bested by the Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa decides it's time to escalate the fight.

Rita: Magic wand, make my monster grow!

She hurls her wand from her palace to the Earth, which strikes the ground with flashes of red lightning bolts. The earth rumbles and a massive fissure opens up, releasing hellish smoke that enlarges the monster to a colossal size. Relishing its new power, the monster roars or cackles in triumph. With no other choice, the Rangers are forced to call their Zords.

Jason: We need Dinozord power! NOW!

One by one, the Zords reveal themselves - the Tyrannosaurus erupts from a fiery fissure, the Mastodon stomps down an icy mountainside, the Triceratops zooms across a desert wasteland, the Sabertooth Tiger bounds out of a jungle, and the Pterodactyl rockets out of the cone of a volcano. Jason leaps into the Tyrannosaurus.

Jason: Rangers, log on!

The other Rangers jump into their Zords after him.

Zack: Zack here! This is kicking!
Billy: This is Billy! All systems go!
Trini: Trini reporting! Ready to rock!
Kimberly: Alright, let's keep it together!
Jason: Rangers! Power up your crystals!

Jason draws out his power crystal and inserts it into his control console, which crackles with energy.

Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly: Two, one! Power up!

The Rangers power up their crystals in their control consoles.

Jason: Time for some Megazord power!

The five Zords charge together at high velocity. As they do so, individual parts from their mechanical bodies move about. The Mastodon splits itself in two, forming its legs into twin cannons, the Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger fold up their tails and lower downwards to become tank treads, and the Pterodactyl latches itself to the back of Tyrannosaurus, which has become a tank cockpit for the Rangers. The Megazord is now a rolling tank, blasting its new cannons at the monster. Once the monster's taken enough hits, the Megazord tank rolls to a stop. Jason hits a switch, beginning the transformation sequence to battle mode.

Electronic voice: Megazord sequence has been initiated!

The Megazord cannons fold away to become arms, the Pterodactyl detaches itself from the tank, and the Triceratops and Sabertooth tank treads rise up, bringing the tank into a standing position. As the Rangers watch the ground disappearing faster and faster beneath them, the Megazord's chest opens and the Tyrannosaurus head folds into it, revealing the Megazord head. Once the chest closes up and the Pterodactyl attaches itself to become a protective chest covering, the Megazord's horns fold out.

Electronic voice: Megazord activated!

With a flash of lightning, the Megazord poses dynamically. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are ready for battle.

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The GloryXros

Nearly 2 decades later & this STILL SLAPS. I seriously wish Power Rangers these days would take its music production as seriously as the Saban Era did, it's an experience that kids these days are severely missing out on.

Butts Carlton

I was just thinking how this song made the zord scenes so much more cooler, especially during the parts where the song goes “waaaaaaah” and the you see the trex rising from the the earth. It just adds so much appeal to the scene.experiencing it as a kid it helped shape my imagination and love for music and video.

Wynton Stayton


Howaboutthat 2013

STILL SLAPS, just like Mozart

gatchy watchy entertainment bieber brothers



@Aleem Hydarali no nostalgia 15 year old here. Anything not by Wasserman suck imo except Jungle Fury theme

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When you want to ride in your brand new Japanese-made sports car but first you have to summon it from a volcano.


Don't forget to get the mega car you gotta get your freinds and summon all 5 cars and combine them


Idk why you see this as a problem, my Japanese Sports Car turns into a giant robot that looks like MechaGodzilla.

Wesley Van Waeyenberghe

Sounds like Power Rangers Turo.

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