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Blue Beard
Roque Baños & Bratislava Symphony Orchestra Lyrics

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Band of Horses I used to see the night so anxious, but now…

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Comments from YouTube:

soap the soap

On the toilet be like: I feel like solving a mUrdEr!

Star Child


i'm here to find asmr

totally me while preparing to an exam

Asia Palmer

Me:(on the toilet) I feel very attacked rn

Vanessa told you

@Cat Lover222 haha samee 😂

Cat Lover222

@Vanessa told you haha, truth! Showers are great for solving life's mysteries...and for jam sessions! Mine tend towards the latter. My poor neighbors!

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Emily Carbone

Moral of the story: If literally every woman in town says a guy is creepy and weird, he's probably creepy and weird.


@Fantastic Nerds nah 🖕🏽

Fantastic Nerds



Yes! More people should believe it even if one person says so. I remember a time some guy was making me super uncomfortable, i told like 3 of my friends and they told me they’ve all been assaulted by the same guy💀💀💀

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